the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote in go_go_goats,
the naked plume

fairy tale

Did I mention that Magnethe's babies have been named? I can't remember.
In any case they were named Hans and Grethe. The Danish versions of Hansel and Grethel.
And I happen to be the one who named them (I finally got to name goats yay) so don't diss the names. I actually wanted to call them Luke and Leia, but that would have been too international for the playground.
I am currently recovering from (my hopefully final) eye surgery so I haven't seen them in a week and probably won't see them for another one. But here are a couple of videos of the cuties any way.
Hans, the boy, is the one with the black head. Grethe is brownie.

Quiet time with goats

Loud time with goats

Goats don't like rain

fun with goats and humans

They are a lot of fun, as goat kids often are. Grethe loves to jump up on my back and Hans loves to headbutt me in the side. They both love raisin treats.

Hope you all are well and that summer is treating all the goats to sun and happiness
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