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Zazzle store

Hi Everybody, I just wanted to share my new Zazzle store featuring stuff with some of my goat art on it. It's nowhere near complete, I just started with this series of "cute" dairy (and Boer!) does. Will add more products and different goaty artwork over time. I ordered a Nubian t-shirt to test the quality, and it's pretty nice!

See my store at Zazzle!

My apologies to fans of Angoras, Kikos, Cashmeres, Pygmies and Nigerians (and any other breed!) I just haven't gotten around to drawing them yet, but I do hope to in the future. There will be different styles of art, too!

Thanks, I hope that someone reading this may enjoy the products and that this post doesn't seem spammy!
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You need some pygmy stuff!
I'm going to see if I can figure out how to order some stuff.
Hey Laura, would you consider taking a donation via paypal? I am going to pay $40 shipping on a $50 order.. seems a little silly if it's not going to go directly to you. I'd rather paypal you a hundred bucks and then you can draw me a 5minute squibble whenever you get the time..
Let me know what you think.
That's so sweet of you! A donation would be very kind. I will happily draw you a picture for it, and maybe dedicate a goat shelter or bench in your name when my goat rescue becomes a reality!
My paypal is:
*hugs & smooches*
I sent you 150 bucks. I would love for there to be some kind of "Mads memorial bench" or something to that effect some day!
You don't have to draw me anything, but if you do then it should be something just quick and simple. Because of my eyesight I would not be able to appreciate a grand elaborate work.